Should I turn off the air conditioner when overtaking?

Every knowledgeable motorist knows that a working air conditioner takes away some of the engine power, which is so important when overtaking. And for greater safety, it is better to turn it off for a while, providing a more energetic overtaking on the track. However, does this rule apply to all vehicles?

The easiest way to find out how much power an air conditioner (or climate control) takes from an already weak subcompact engine is to give an example. Typically, at 3000-4000 rpm, the air conditioner compressor takes about 5 HP. from the crankshaft. power. For a small engine, the figure is quite tangible. Especially if you remember that at these speeds, the engine does not deliver peak power, which is usually declared by the manufacturer in the region of 5500 rpm. At a given speed of 3000-4000 rpm, for example, a hundred-horsepower engine produces about half of the declared maximum power. That is, the air conditioner takes about 10% of the power, which is quite noticeable.

Based on this, several recommendations can be distinguished. On cars with a small displacement engine (up to 1.2 liters) without a turbine or compressor, when driving in the mountains or when overtaking, it is really better to turn off the air conditioning system for a while.

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